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Factory and Office

Great for our products and great for our people

Our factory and office are in Fosdyke, Lincolnshire, UK and have been developed around the specific needs of our products.


The factory has been designed and developed around the specific needs of our products. We don’t do mixes; all our products are solo packs and our production lines are designed with one product in mind. There are no compromises, just the best that we can source at the time to generate market-leading and consumer-delighting vegetables. Everything is under one roof, thus generating consistency, complete adoption of new technologies and efficiency.

Our office is open plan and home to everyone in the UK that has a desk as well as space for those who don’t and those who operate abroad. There are places to meet, relax and play plus we can seat over 100 people in our training room when we want to address wider issues.

The Fosdyke factory operates seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day - a rolling system of production, cleaning and maintenance all with directly employed staff.

Far from being complete we have big plans to improve what we do at Fosdyke in the future.

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