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​Our Customers

We supply retailers, packers, processors and manufacturers

Our main customers are multiple retailers, the supermarkets; our business has been built around their products, their professionalism and their volume. We embrace their exacting standards and the 365-day nature of what they do and enjoy working with them to improve products, reward consumers and build our sales. Fresh produce quality is a key determinant as to why people shop where they do, we want our products to be a reason to shop with our customers.

We understand that the better that we can make our price and quality proposition the more vegetables we will sell; innovation, investment and profitability are all part of this equation, but we want great quality products at the best prices to be the result of everything we do.

We send raw material from our farms to other retailer suppliers for fresh products, prepared meals and as ingredients; we also sell raw material in-country in Spain and Italy. In the UK we pack all our products for independents, web-based businesses, wholesale suppliers and caterers.

Our customers are our life-blood, we have chosen them carefully, enjoy working with them and are very grateful for the trust they put in us to supply them; 95% of our sales are to customers that we have supplied for over thirty years