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Our Principles

​​Getting the detail right

Our principles provide a code of operation within the distinct areas of Emmett. Our customer and supplier principles are important for internal and external relationships:

Emmett Customer Principles

  • Treat customers as they wish to be treated
  • Know our consumers and what they want
  • Ensure quality, service and availability
  • Innovate with products, process and pricing
  • Know our numbers better than anyone
  • Produce regular, simple and informative analysis
  • Behave consistently in all circumstances
  • Surprise people by exceeding their expectations
  • Earn a reputation as best at what we do
  • Enjoy celebrating success

Emmett Supplier Principles

  • Know our suppliers better than anyone
  • Be consistent with internal and external supplier relationships
  • Expect no less from our suppliers than our final customers receive
  • Be proactive and have an overview of all our supply chains
  • Know the process before and after your involvement
  • Build relationships that can question the customer always being right
  • Without great suppliers we are nothing, remember to say thank you!

Emmett Factory Principles

  • Ensure the safety of our consumers, visitors and our team
  • Delight our customers with the quality of our products
  • Maintain our offices, factories and machinery as new
  • Develop and maintain the best procedures and systems
  • Build great relationships with our suppliers
  • Drive out cost and share best practice
  • Talk rather than type and do what we say
  • Create small and motivated teams with expertise
  • Know all our operational and financial numbers
  • Be the factories of choice for customers, products and our people

Emmett Farming Principles

  • Deliver a safe and healthy work place on all our farms
  • Grow healthy and high-yielding crops that want for nothing
  • Select farms where the whole rotation is done well
  • Be the tenant of choice for our landlords
  • Ensure a reputation of tidiness and cleanliness
  • Minimise our impacts on the environment, our neighbours and the public
  • Look after all our machines and maintain them to a new standard
  • Manage the uncultivated areas that we control
  • Debate, evaluate and create innovations that may improve what we do
  • Believe these values before you belong to our farm team

Emmett Engineering Principles

  • Keep everyone safe through smart engineering
  • Ensure that we procure the best farm and factory kit then look after it
  • If a good solution is not available elsewhere, make it ourselves
  • Have expertise across the full-suite of engineering skills
  • Service things before putting them into storage
  • Use the best tools and consumables and hold the spares that count
  • Teach good operators to be good maintainers
  • Accept that things break and enjoy fixing them!