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Emmett UK Gender Pay Gap

Emmett complies with the legislation ensuring equal pay

This statement is by Sansbury Bailey Holdings and subsidiaries including Emmett UK (Emmett Group).

The Emmett Group is a grower and packer of fresh vegetables in the UK and Europe; operations include farming, factory processing as well as administrative functions.

Emmett complies with the legislation ensuring equal pay, where any individual irrespective of gender is paid the same for carrying out work of equal value, this is distinctly different from the gender pay gap which gives a snapshot of the gender pay balance within the business measuring the difference between the average earnings of male and female employees irrespective of their role or seniority.

Emmett Workforce Split

  Male Female
Emmett Group 66% 34%

The Emmett workforce has a higher representation of males; this is largely due to the proportion of out workforce working in farming and manufacturing. We have equal representation in our administration and management.

Emmett Gender Pay Gap

  Mean Median
Emmett Pay Gap 14.0% 5.6%
Emmett Bonus Gap 0% 0%

Emmett Distribution of Males and Females in the workforce

  Males Females
Upper 78.9 21.1
Upper Middle 72.2 27.8
Lower Middle 54.2 45.8
Lower 56.9 43.1


  • Our average pay gap is lower than the national figure of 18%
  • There is higher male representation in all the quartiles due to our workforce being 2/3 male
  • There is currently less female representation in the upper middle and upper quartiles due to males being more represented in our higher paid farming and engineering teams
  • Our management and office functions have equal representation of males and females
  • All job opportunities are open to all and candidates are appointed on merit alone.

We confirm the data in this report to be accurate and to comply with the Gender Pay Gap legislation.

Lisa Alcock
Company Secretary
1st April 2018