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A unique year-round approach

Emmett farms in the UK, Spain and Italy, focusing on quality and precision.

With all our own equipment we farm from stubble to stubble as we know the value of being in control of all our cultivations including ploughing. We try to farm as small an area as possible giving us a focus on quality and detail plus a responsibility to get things right. Gone are the days when farmers can grow more than they need and then cherry pick the best, massage through the indifferent and plough in the worst. The right amount of the right quality for the right moment is our mantra, large-scale market gardeners.

For completeness we farm over 1500ha of crops each year and although this is unlikely to become less we would expect higher output from the same amount of land in the future.

We do all our own agronomy with as little input from outside agencies as possible and try to think through our problems until we are comfortable with working solutions rather than wasting our time and money on multiple trial plots.